"Homemade coffee is sure to try it, come to the cup of coffee, refreshing, vitality, even afternoon tea can drink at home, I have been looking for a coffee machine suitable for home, exquisite, high color I am very honored to receive the trial of Dong Ringyi coffee machine, this is what I have a home coffee machine. There is a function of all, I still don't occupy the place, I am full of full, unique Son."


Animal coffee beans, milk, a cup of accessories, sweet flavors, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps of fragrant latte

1 Receive a coffee machine and the packaging is very strict.

2 intimate double packaging, more careful guards.

3 Open inner packaging, it is the product service manual and manual, which is clearly introduced to the machine configuration, the name of each component, even if it is a coffee machine, you can understand.

4 Take out the machine, tear the fixed tape strip, and will not leave traces for the body.

5 Gently wipe the appearance with a clean rag.

6 cups are also active, which can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

7 Let's make a latte, first grind the coffee beans into powder, this step can let the merchant to make the business when buying coffee beans, basically this free service.

8 Put the coffee cup in a special warm cup plate warm hot cup, the hot cup can keep the coffee more pure taste.

9 Remove the handle and easy to install it.

10 Pipe with a spoon of coffee powder with a special measure.

The other end of the 11 mesh is pressed against the coffee powder.

12 Gently sweep the remaining edge.

13 Mount the handle into the body, like the right buckle to the locked position.

14 Turn on the switch, a preheated machine, and you can turn the knob after the indicator of the coffee will turn green, and extract the coffee.

15 This coffee machine uses Italian design, the imported pump can maintain 15BAR pressure steam instantly penetrate the coffee layer, so that every coffee powder extracts, so that the oil of the coffee powder is fully emulsified, and a Cream gold oil is achieved. coffee.

16 Prepare a glass of milk.

17 After the steam indicator is brightened, the milk is used to send milk with stainless steel steam nozzles, and the steam is fully contacted to the air to play a delicate foam.

18 A cup of latte requires a extraction, concentrated coffee, pouring the TWO times to send milk, do decoration on your own mood.

19 I like sweetness can add the right amount of Furnish sugar according to myself.

20 a cup of sleek latte is so simple, this model is extracted with a rich coffee, and on this basis, add different parts of milk, syrup, etc., can change a variety of different purposes. Coffee, absolutely brought different feelings of taste buds, for you to understand your life.