"Carvue coffee and pull flower coffee, is made in the original cappuccino or latte. Drawn coffee is in the process of injection of milk into the coffee, pulling out various patterns, carved is in the milk The top, using coffee or chocolate sauce, depicting the favorite patterns. Whether carved or pulling flowers, not only pay attention to visual enjoyment, not to ignore the mouth, make coffee in the Dong Ringyi coffee machine, coffee machine Some steam tubes can make the milk perfect. "


INDUSTW, 10 grams of coffee powder, 5 grams of yellow sugar, 100 grams of whole fat milk, the amount of pure water of the accessories, the appropriate amount of chocolate, other tastes, other crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Carved coffee practice steps

11, very beautiful Dong Ringyi coffee machine, silver appearance, also equipped with capsule filter assemblies, quantity, easy bag filter assembly, operator panel clear and simple

2 movable cup mats and water drops, it is very convenient to clean up

3 Prepare the required coffee powder, yellow sugar, chocolate crackmil, refrigerated milk

4 Push the coffee powder into the coffee powder filter

5 Press the coffee powder properly and smooth

6 Draw the funnel into the card in the logo machine, rotate tightened

7 water tank adds an appropriate amount of pure water, preheating the coffee machine, and put the coffee cup on the warm cup plate on the cup

8 Preheating coffee cup is taken from the warm cup, put on the water discharge tray, pay attention to the outlet of the funnel, buttons to go to the coffee position, for a while, the coffee will flow into the cup, high pressure extraction , Smooth coffee liquid

9 Put the milk into the vendor, put the steam tube into the milk, spin the knob to the vapor position, turn the milk cup from top to bottom, so that the milk is fully foaming milk

10 Add yellow sugar according to the personal taste, pour the milk into the coffee

11 Last hair on chocolate crack milk, use the teeth to sign the favorite pattern


Tips: 1, coffee powder should choose a slightly thick 2, pay attention to the milk pot to choose a big, because the milk will increase to 2 times / 33 after the milk foam, pay attention to the coffee, do not leave the machine, east Linger's coffee machine is simple and saved, very fast 4, pull the pattern with yourself 5, to use all fat milk, the taste of the milk is better