"Imitation 85 degrees C, slightly with savory cream, combined with hot coffee, sweet phase, multiple taste, wonderful taste for a long time, in the mouth of the tongue, can't go. This time I use coffee machine, It is Dong Ringyi coffee machine. Not only can you make a fragrant coffee, but also a milk function, you can enjoy delicious coffee through DIY. "


Animated coffee powder 1 tablespoon, 50 ml of milk, 50 ml of oil cream, the amount of excipient sugar, cocoa powder, salty taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for sea salt coffee

1 Take the water tank first, do not exceed the highest or lowest water level line. Pure water mineral water is recommended. This tank has 1.5 liters, which can store sufficient moisture once, and do not need to add water when making multiple cup of coffee.

2 Prepare the ingredients.

3 Write the coffee beans into powder, and the powder of the coffee is grinding. After taking the dosing, place it in the filter.

4 The other end of the donation is extruded downward, and it is too tight to press it. Do not exceed the maximum scale of the filter.

5 Install the filter in the direction of instructions and lock.

6 Turn on the power and press the right tightener and select Coffee.

7 Turn to the left to the left to the left. The coffee machine can be automatically extracted with coffee. Note that the green light is off, go back in time, and then take the green light again to extract again.

8 Add the extraction of coffee to the sugar, or do not add sugar, let it cool.

9 Add hot milk

10 light cream add 1 grams of sea salt, use eggbeater low speed

11 hit 5 dispensing, at this time, the light cream can slowly flow smoothly. Pour your good whipped cream into the adjusted coffee, no need to stir

12 surface sieve can be cocoa powder as a decoration, I sprinkled directly.

13 Plug in the pipette and enjoy it!

14 When you drink, stir it, or you don't have to drink it so much better.


Hot milk, hot coffee, cold cream