"Very fortunate to get the trial of the Dong Ringyi coffee machine for the food world, is really a great coffee machine, the machine is small, not very space, and the operation is also very simple, very easy to master, for this coffee machine I deliberately bought the deep baked canned coffee beans suitable for this machine, and the beans came back to make a cup of coffee to taste, the taste is really awesome. There is a sentence called the sea that is difficult for water, if you drink This coffee machine does not want to drink speed again. This coffee machine is the first production of my home is the simple latte, latte needs to play milk, this machine can make milk And the effect of playing the milk is still very good. I am very eager to send this simple coffee first. This TWO is resting and doing other kinds of coffee to share the experience. "


1.5 spoon of coffee powder, escison pure milk 80 ml (refrigerated), milk flavor, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practical steps to latte

1 This is the rice coffee machine for Dongling used today. Stainless steel reflective in the surface of the machine, no real thing in the film is good

2 Depth baked coffee beans can also be used in moderately baked, suitable for this coffee machine

3 Wrap the coffee beans into powder with a grinder. Don't worry too fine, too fine coffee is slow, you can't be too thick, otherwise it is not enough to extract.

4 This is a three-in-one functional handle of the machine, which can be used with coffee powder, easy bag and coffee capsules. There is also a quantity, the other end of the measurement is flattened coffee powder.

5 I used the coffee powder, make a big cup, so I used the big filter, take a spoonful of Half coffee powder into the filter.

6 Treasuring the other end is flattened

7 compaction more for extraction

8 Put in the handle, if there is a coffee powder on the surrounding, you have to wipe off

9 Press the handle to the coffee machine

10 The coffee machine is a water tank, the water tank has a large capacity, and it is 1.5 liters, add pure water to pay attention to the position of the upper and lower restrictions. Whether the purified water is not suitable for the machine

11 There is a very intimate heating cup above the coffee machine, open the cover

12 put the cup on the warm cup mat to heat insulation

13 Turn on the power, the indicator of the power supply is bright, the machine starts preheating

14 waiting for preheating, green indicator light is on, you can extract coffee by boiling water.

15 Coffee Cup is put down, turn the function switch to the location of coffee

16 The coffee flows out. A spoonful of Half coffee powder can make about 45 ml of concentrated coffee

17 pour the boiled pure milk into the concentrated coffee

18 Remove the refrigerated pure milk to make the milk, I am refrigerating the refrigerator together. Milk temperature is poor

19 Open the steam function of the machine, first put the steam a little, then insert into the milk cup, insert the depth of about 2 cm and play the milk. The best temperature of the milk is about 65 degrees, and the coffee in the coffee is best, so I use the thermometer to measure the temperature of the milk.

20 After the milk is hit, you should immediately use the steam tube to clean.

21 The size of the proliferated milk will be doubled, so the cup should pay attention to the capacity.

22 Put the stirred milk and rush into the coffee cup, a cup is simple and easy to drink, and it will be good for a while. Although this recipe has shown a lot, most of them are introducing the use of machines. Time to do, it's very short, it's very simple.

23 Fast hands and drink, take the iron, enjoy it. Again with a piece of avocado, the beautiful afternoon tea is starting.

24 Here you want to thank the food world, thank you Dongling electrical appliance!


The stuffed milk is finally not used up. Latte although milk and concentrated coffee have a certain proportion, it is not a constant, it can be adjusted properly according to your taste.