"Now the net red milk tea called oatmeal milk tea, so I will change the milk tea into coffee today, come to a milk oat coffee for a try. Personal feelings are more refreshing than milk tea, especially in the morningA cup is really refreshing, and it is slightly with coarse grains. Friends come into the coffee machine, let's drink coffee together. "


Animated coffee powder 1 spoon, accessories oatmeal, rock sugar mode, milk proper amount, sweet taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Milk oat coffee practice steps

1 Preparation of ingredients used.

2 Play the coffee powder in the spoon with a coffee machine.

3 is put on the coffee machine according to the requirements.

4 Cook oats in advance, add appropriate amount of milk rock sugar to taste.

5 Start the coffee out, fragrant coffee is in a few seconds.

6 Do a cup of coffee on a need.

7 With milk oatmeal, the amount of rock sugar is adjusted according to your own taste.