"Fortunately, I got the trial of the Dong Ringyi coffee machine of the food world, this coffee machine is going to be high, and the operation is simple and convenient. There is also a very intimate warm cup pad, which guarantees boiled. Coffee taste. This coffee machine can also make a brucing, very practical. This TWO is resting every day with it. It uses it to drink coffee. Today, this coffee is my personal favorite taste, coconut milk. Coconut milk is not bought. The ready-made, but it is very thick with a coconut green, and the coconut milk is very thick. It tastes the sweetness of the coconut itself. It is matched with the coffee machine. Although the concentrated coffee flavor is bitter, but with The thick coconut milk, the bitterness offsets, the entrance is the fragrance of coffee and coconut, no need to add sugar, it is my favorite and coffee method. With this coffee machine, I bought a basket of coconut, my home People also fell in love with this coconut milk, it is estimated that this basket of coconut is not used for a few days. "


1 spoon of coffee powder, 1 coconut, pure water of accessories, taste taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for coconut milk coffee

1 fresh coconut open, pour out coconut juice, and dig the coconut

2 Pour the coconut and pour into the broken wall together

3 mix into delicate coconut milk

4 White mixed coconut milk is milky

5 is not a general coconut milk, so the coconut milk is very thick, the coconut flavor is very rich, it is very suitable for coffee

6 This is the Dong Ringyi coffee machine used today, and the function of making milk

7 This coffee machine is three-in-one, can be used with different containers, one handle can be applied to three modes. There is also a quantity, the other end of the measurement is flattened coffee powder.

8 take the required amount of coffee beans grinding ingredients

9 Take a spoon of coffee powder with a coffee machine with a coffee machine

10 Treasy spoon pressure flat press the coffee powder, not to press it too much, otherwise the coffee is too slow

11 This is a pressed coffee powder, pay attention to the coffee powder on the side of the side,

12 Load the handle, be sure to wipe the edge, do not have coffee powder, otherwise it will leak

13 The handle is required to be installed on the coffee machine in the direction, add pure water in the water tank, then turn on the power, and the indicator is turned green.

14 Rotate the function knob to the location of the coffee

15 coffee flows out. Generally, a spoonful of coffee powder can be worth 30 ml of concentrated coffee. You can stop it, or watch the color of coffee and stop

16 whitening coconut milk and cooked concentrated coffee

17 pour the stirred coconut milk into the boiled concentrated coffee

18 coconut milk is very thick, just pour it in this, you can use steel needles from the middle.

19 I am directly stirring into this way, there is a heart shaped pattern in the middle.

20 can also continue to stir until completely fuse, this look, I like to stir it, then drink, great taste

21 Because the coconut paste is very thick, doing a good coconut milk is also a thick look.


1. I use the cold coconut milk, so this coffee is not hot coffee. If you like hot, you can use hot coconut milk. 2. The best water is the best purple water, so it is not easy to scale.