"This is a very classic cocktail. For Red Wine, this is a fairly trying cocktail. The red wine has a good antioxidant effect, and its beauty is a consensus for women. Red wine Joined the new orange meat with a more active fruity, this classic cocktail formula is definitely a very decent wine cocktail template, which will make your wine world more flowers. "


Ingredients France Bordeaux Red Wine30ml, accessories orange HALF, yogurt 1 box, sugar water 15ml, sour taste, other processes, TWO minutes, advanced difficulty,

Practice for Shangri-La Cocktail

1 orange Half, 1 box of yogurt, 15ml of sugar water.

2 France Bordeaux Red Wine30ml.

3 Take the Half orange orange and add the white sugar water

4 orange meat with juice machine and pour into the bowl

5 orange juice joins 30ml Bordeaux Red Wine

Pour your yogurt in 6 cups

7 along the cup wall, pour the Red Wine

8 orange-cut petals, top flowers

9 flower finished product

10 orange skin cut into strips

11 flower decoration cup

12 orange skin decoration cup


Private room: This cocktail can also be used without yogurt, and mix the juice and the Red Wine. Directly.