"Suning Tesco is available, three pounds of cherries, let me have to consider doing some interesting topics. Basically, Mogito feels, Bai Rum and vodka for rice wine, mixed with mint leaves andA large number of soda, with a sweet and refreshing taste with a cherry. "


Significant cherry 5, 30ml, volts 30ml, soda water mode, 10 pieces of excipients, 1 spoon of sugar, ice cubes, light flavors, skill technology, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practices for cherry cocktails

1 material is prepared.

2 Cherries are not as soft as strawberries, can't be smashed with a spoon.So use the mixer to pour the nucleated cherries and a Half mint leaf into the cup.

3 Add a sugar and stir it, pour it into the rum and vodka.

4 soda water is full, adding ice-cubes to mint leaves.