The main amount of raisins, excipients, patterns, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Langm Grape Sauce Practice Steps

1 In the glass container, wash the raisins.

2 Pour into the rum, it is suitable for the raisins.

3 Soak for more than 5 hours, the raisins have risen.

4 In the cooking machine, put the soaked rum in the case.

5 Open the cooking machine, mix raisins and wine into the slurry.

6 Pour the mixed liquid into the basin, turn into a small fire after the fire, after the sauce juice appears in small bubbles, keep the Sauce juice on the basin wall and stir it to prevent the paste.

7 Take Sauce is thick, constantly emerged, turn off the fire.Seal saves the sauce juice to a clean oil-free waterless container.