"Summer is coming, I usually drink very little, but Mojito entrance is really great, very fresh, but the cocktail is the most good at deception, although the concentration of alcohol is not high, but drink a cup, the face will flourish. "Mojito" was born in Cuba in 1910. American writer Hemingway lived in Havana, Cuba, often hanging in the mouth, "My Daiquiri in La Floridita, Havana's famous bar), my Mojito Bodeguita (famous Bar). It is visible to this Two cocktail. "


Main material Black Rum 25ml, soda water 150ml, 1/2 of the lime, 2 small spoon of excipient sugar, 1/2 cup of ice ice, other taste, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulties,

Mogito cocktail practice steps

1 Prepare materials

2 Mint was washed, put it in the water, soaked in a while, remove the tender pointers, the remaining part added to the mixture of white sugar, you can smash the taste more, just more than the good look, the mint is more better

3 mint and sugar are placed in a cup, the green cleaners, extruded the juice, and put the green corner into the cup

4 Pour into the rum, not a wine force, use 25ml, ordinary 45ml

5 pour the soda

6 Put the appropriate amount of ice, you can put a broken ice before joining the rum, and finally decorated with a mint.


1. Free ice with soda, I can be my habits. It is also possible to use ordinary ice cubes 2. When you add white sugar, you can smash the taste, but it is more beautiful. Lemon each 1/4 of the components, so the ingredients can be changed according to their own, more wine, more ice, ice, polysaccharide, small sugar, multi-mint small mint is possible