"The family loves to drink soda, but the sugar sold outside is too high, so I will always have some soda water in the refrigerator, and the juice who is squeezed. More than a year, the longer the look ~~ But it's okay, you have been working hard, you can often help it ~ Ram wine is bought to make a cake, bought n for a long time, forget it, Drinking it ~ Cocktail is the first time I love it, I love it, I don't quite like wine, more like a soda "


Main material soda 330ml, rum 60ml, lime, yellow lemon, mint leaves, excipient white sugar 20g, acid sweet taste, seasoning process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practices for cocktails

1 material is ready

2 mint leaves rinsing clean

3 lime and yellow citrus with salt repeatedly washed clean

Slices of yellow and yellow gals

5 Put the washed mint leaf into the container and put it in white sugar

6 to smash with a wooden spoon, and put a little pumping juice.

7 crowded into the lemon juice

8 and then put the lemon slices

9 put in ice

10 mandate

11 pour into the soda

12 will put a few pieces of mint to do decoration