"Cocktail is still in contact, such a drink is also initially produced. I thought I added a lot of lemon slices, and the result was completely imperial. Drinking in the mouth, the cocktail is very rich, the acidity of lemon is also Special soft, there is a faint fruit fragrance, add a few ice cubes, drink very refreshing, especially suitable for summer drink. Due to the good taste, I don't know how to be greedy, and the result is a bit on the head, so It is also necessary to do it. "


Ingredients 150g, green lemon HALF, accessories Sprite 80g, ice cubes 6, sour taste, seasoning process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for yellow cocktail

1 Preparation Of ingredients: Rui Ao Cocktail, Green Lemon, Ice Cubes

2 Green lemon with salt, rinse it with water

3 cut the Half green lemon into a sheet

4 put lemon slices into the cup

5 pour 150g cocktail

6 to 80g Sprite

7 Finally put the ice, you can drink, delicious and delicious, delicious!


1. You can put more Sprite, don't like it, don't like too sweet, you can put less Sprite, in short, according to your preferences, I will not be able to get the cup, otherwise it will also be drunk.