"Today's juice drink, I chose black crystal grape, potassium, magnesium, calcium, etc. in black grapes, and most of them are mostly in the form of fruit in the form of organic acid salts. The ion balance has a vital role, and the whites of black grapes show black appearance because it contains rich pigment substances, such as prototypes, chlorophyll, etc., such materials have strong antioxidant, can increase human body The health care efficacy of black grapes is better. At the same time, the introduction of syrup and rum pre-tiered, adding the sweetness of the juice, osmanthus fragrance and the fragrance of the wine, sweet mouth, refreshing and pleasant. Leisure afternoon, come to the glass of grapes Juice, no words, all cups ... "


Main material black crystal grape 500g, osmanthus apple syrup 20ml, excavation of Rum pre-welfes 30ml, sweet taste, squeezing process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for cocktail grape fruit juice

1 Wipe the black crystal grape with scissors to leave the big branch, leave the stranded grape particles;

2 Sprinkle less flour (this is a small trick, you can wash the grapes cleaner), add water, and use your hand. Wash the grapes to rush;

3 Pick up the grapes to remove the grape seed, put the grape flesh into the juice machine, extract the grape juice;

4 Drinking method 1: Place the grape juice into the cup; you can drink it at this time;

5 Drinking method 2: Add the cup to the osmanthus apple syrup, then pour the grape juice, stir evenly to drink;

6 Drinking method 3: Add the cup to the osmanthus apple syrup, and then pour the grape juice, and finally pour it into the pre-tiered wine, stir evenly.


1. Grapes, I don't pee it, because the grape skin contains rich anthocyanins, can't waste; 2. Add a small amount of syrup, increase the sweetness of the juice, if you don't like too sweet, you can not add; 3 Add a small amount of pre-tiry, introduce the fragrance of the wine, and the juice is better.