"Today's juice drink, cocktail special fruit juice; singular juice has the effect of supplementing the nutrition of the brain power, can quickly restore physical strength. I can help digestive, quickly remove and prevent harmful metabolites accumulated in the body. Kiwi fruit Increased vitamins A, C and fibrous, can increase anti-oxidation power and help gastrointestinal digestion, in addition to healthy osmanthus apple syrup and cocktail, more adding the sweetness of this juice with wine, and introducing the scent of osmanthus, Body and skin health is also quite beneficial, ultra-high-volume vitamin C, not only can become beautiful, and there is a throat and protect the liver. "


Main material specialty 400g, accessories osmanthus apple syrup 30ml, vodka pre-tiered 30ml, sweet taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for cocktail special fruit juice

1 Wash the kiwi, peel, cut into small pieces;

2 奇 奇 的,

3 Add osmanthus apple syrup, singular fruit juice, vodka pre-tube (purple flavor) to the cup;

4 Stir well, you can drink it.


The amount of syrup and pre-tiered wine is appropriately increased by the taste.