"The cup of drinks made today is a cocktail girl fruit juice, and the girl is also called Jinliang. It is a born herb, which has a clear heat and detoxifying and aging, and the effect of aggluting throat. Introducing vodka pre-tiered, adding juiceThe fragrance, drink is a kind of enjoyment. "


Significant girl 75g, vodka pre-welfes 45ml, excipient water 40g, ice cubes 2, sweet taste, squeezing process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice of cocktail girl fruit juice

1 Go to the skin of the girl, take out the fruit part;

2 Add the girl to the cupping cup and add an appropriate amount of water to open the cupping machine;

3 Premierate wine in the fruit juice and vodka;

4 First pour the girl juice into the cup, then join Vodka pre-tiered, a delicious cocktail girl, fruit juice, the fruit juice is posing;


Heat heat detoxification, hypoxy, phlegm, diuretic.It is used in a dumb, phlegm and cough, and it is unfavorable."Jilin Chinese Herbs": "Solution. Treatment of Cold. There is abortion, pregnant women are avoided.