"This cocktail, also known as" kissing blood ghost "."


Significant silver tequila 60 ml, lemon juice 60 ml, pomegranate syrup 40 ml, excipient berry ice cubes, coarse salt, lemon 1 petal, acid sweet taste, mixing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty, simple difficulty,

Pan guanan tequo cocktail practice steps

1 Main materials are prepared;

2 Wipe a circle with lemon flap on the side of the ice cocktail glass; sprinkle the coarse salt in a shallow disk, then put the cup in the salt;

3 Take the agave, lemon juice, pomegranate syrup mixed into the cup after mixing evenly;

4 Add a berry ice;

5 is discharged with stirring needles.


1. Black rock salt can also be used.2, the pomegranate syrup is not ready to use pomegranate juice with sugar.3, the berry ice cubes are with Croamberry BlackBerry Blueberries with ice.