"I finally know why cocktails will make women fans, the colorful color always makes people in this night, because the speed of the pour is not controlled, so the color is not so rich, continue to work


Ingredients red pomegranate 10ml, Boss honeyga, 10ml, accessories Boss blue orange power 10ml, Boss banana Lijiao 10ml, Boss violet wine 10ml, Boss white orange leather delicate10ml, sweet taste, other crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Rainbow cocktail practice steps

1 slowly pour the red pomegranate in the cup wall

2 slowly poured into the Boysana Lijiao wine along the cup wall

3 Slowly inject into Boys violet wine, Boss Blue Orange, Boss, Boss, Orange Leather.

4 finished products, the intensity of pouring wine is not good enough, the layering is not obvious, the next effort