"It is said that the cocktail is the most obsessed with the woman's obsessed, and there is a bit of spicy, more sweet, beautiful color light is to look into a drunk! I don't understand wine, I haven't learned, the inner person is notJoke is good, just tonless yourself like it, there is no chapter, you like it! "


Main material, the right amount of rum, the amount of theater, the amount of soda, the right amount of blue orange, the amount of the auxiliary, light flavors, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for blue chicken tail

1 Prepare materials

2 Rum wine poured into the right amount

3Antao cocktail

4 pour it into soda

5 squeezed a few drops of lemon juice

6 put a lemon film, and finally inject the blue orange wine slowly

7 can see clearly layering