"Fresh cranberry is bleed, but its unique taste and nutrition, very popular. Cranberry also has an appetizing effect, so for children, the right amount of food is very good. Children often There will be oral ulcers, while cranberry has the effect of reducing the oral mucosal pathogenesis. So in this summer, it is very good to give children a cup of cranberry soaked, which can be used in time to supplement the lack of moisture. Sour appetizer. "


The main material, the cranberry fruit, 150 ml of cranberry, 500 ml of soda, 3 pieces of the accessories, sour taste, seasoning process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Cranberry Soviet Practice Procedure

1 All materials are ready

2 First use lemon slices

3 Pour the cranberry into the cup

4 pour 500 ml of soda water into the cup

5 Add a few cranberry fresh fruit, you can pinch a small mouth, let the juice penetrate into the water

6 Add lemon slices

7 hot summer, come to a cup

8 is cool


There is no soda water, you can use pure water; there are fruits inside to adjust.