"Summer drink cool drink, you can drive away the heat. In the rainy day, the mood is also a little bit. At this time, drink a cup of passionate Rio cocktail, the mood is immediately jubilant. Sugar cranberry, natural Red, reordering the right amount of Rio purple grapes and mixed fruit vod plus, a cup of passionate cocktail is beautiful. Add a few fresh blueberries, sitting in the balcony window, 氤氲, a warmth by heart Born. "


Ingredients with a plain cranberry, the ambitious amount of Shao, Shao, Shao, Shao, Shao, Amount, the fresh blueberry, delicious, sweet taste, other crafts, 10 minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for passionate cocktail

1RIO purple grapes, mixed fruit vodka, sugar cranberry ready

2 Pour the appropriate amount of Rio purple grapes

3 Pour the appropriate amount of RIO mixed fruit vodka

4 入, passion double raspberry cocktail is ready

5 drink a cup together

6 Bright color makes people feel good


Sugar cranberry is homemade, rich and colorful raspberry juice, sweet and horned, can be replaced with other fruits; Rio fruit wine can be adjusted at will; if you add ice, it is more cool, but according to individuals Physique is increased; don't drive after drinking.