"In the summer of the sun, when you work or learn, use a variety of different tastes of the Ri Australia Rio cocktail, in the home to make some different fruit tastes, the Tuo Rio cocktail, the ice, which looks beautiful, drink, drink It's even more delicious, and the whole family is drinking it. It can be enjoyed, it is a happy enjoyment! "


INDUSTRY RIO Rui Australian cocktail 275ml, blueberry 50 grams, ice cubes, sweet taste, skill technology, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for blueberry ice cocktail

1 Weigh 50g of blueberries, various tastes of Rio Rui Australia cocktail, homemade ice cubes, put blueberries, Rio Rio cocktails, refrigerated for 2 hours. It is called 50 grams of blueberries, and the blueberrrus after the refrigeration is soaked in saline for 5 minutes.

2 Add the blueberry grain after soaking into the ice cup and add the ice.

3 After pouring the Rio Rui Australian cocktail, a cool blueberry ice cocktail is completed, so drinking feels more cool!


1. Soak the blueberries with salt water, which can make the blueberries more preservative. 2, cocktail is refrigerated in front of the refrigerator, which can make the finished taste more cool.