"Encapsulated, the summer is constantly, the most happy, I am afraid it is to have a refreshing drink. It is a long time for a long time. It will inevitably have a cold. Today, this cup of RIO refreshing cocktails, adding a cold wet Ginger and crispy cucumber slices. Ginger slices of slightly spicy and bronachae and mixed fruit flavor plus a little strong, just mixed together. The subtle feelings brought by the entrance seem to be fatigue on the body. The gas is left. "


The main amount of green rum is moderate, mixed fruit vod plt adds, excipient fresh ginger 4, small cucumber 6 pieces, slightly flavored, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulties,

Ginger melon cleaning cocktail practice steps

1 ginger cut sheet, small cucumber is scraping a thin film, into the cup, Rio Green Rum Rum and mixed fruit vodka is ready

2 Pour the appropriate amount of Rio Green Rum Rum

3 Pour the mixed fruity vast plus, a cup of ginger melon cleaning cocktail is doing it.

4 clear and cool

5 cucumber pieces are very stretched in the wine, and people are relaxed.


Ginger cuts, cucumber shaves a slice with penders, more fun; Rio fruit wine can be adjusted with the taste; do not drive after drinking.