"Rio cocktail, just like its name, full of vitality, fashion, enthusiasm, sunshine, happiness, comfortably. I believe that no matter who, I saw this colorful color, I will indulge in, elegant, happy, is Rio cocktail to me The first impression, the mood, the mood is full of endless imagination. Blue rose whiskey cocktail, the most eye-catching, elegant appearance is difficult to cover the charm and enchanting, while reminding me of it. About everything in summer: blue sky, sea, beach ... so, there is this look, it is pleasing to "Sunshine Beach". "


Substant cocktail 100ml, drink 20ml, 1 piece of green lemon, accessories ice cubes, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for sun beach cocktail

1 Preparing ingredients

2 green lemon

3 Pour some drinks in the bottom of the cup

4 put on ice cubes

5 pour into the Rui Ao cocktail

6 Full of summer breath cocktail "Sunshine Beach"


1. The Rui Australian cocktail series has 6 colors, which can make a lot of beautiful cocktail combinations 2. Before making the cocktail, the cocktail is refrigerated, and the rate of melting of ice can be delayed.