"Pure natural no additives are made of soy milk, pure taste, so you can't stop."


Main material pure milk 1000ml, excipient yogurt, fermented agent, original taste, other processes, hours, ordinary difficulty,

Homemade nutritious yogurt practice steps

1 Prepare four bags of Yili pure milk (you can other brands but must be pure original milk).

Coiled milk fermentation agent 10g.

3 Stir well with chopsticks with chopsticks with chopsticks.

4 yogurt machines are selected for 8 hours.

5 finished products!Similar to An Emu's thickness, full, nutrition and affordable health!Because it is pure original, there will be a little acid, like sweet, you can add honey, brown sugar, etc.


Since yogurt is not added to any sweeteners and preservatives, honey, brown sugar, brown sugar, sugar, etc., can also be made into fruit fishing, usually in the refrigerator to store approximately 10 days.