"★ Family kitchen ★ I want to do some yogurt, but I have found yogurt, but I am not suitable. Some so-called thick yogurt (old yogurt) in the market, part is to add gels, refrigerated preservation The result of the post-additive is always there is no original approach. Just a few days ago, the remaining cream left, so I decided to be a thick, and then be baked. I like to make the original, Therefore, there is no sugar in the square, which is what you like in the later stage, such as honey, nuts, drone, cereal, etc., this is one of the fun of Manbao, every time DIY a new taste. I use it is A lot of money is very hot, it is convenient, no electricity, and it is fine. It is usually done at night. You can drink at noon the next day. It is also very cheap to buy yogurt powder. , High cost performance. "


Ingredients milk 700ml, cream 70ml, excipient yogurt powder 1 pack, sweet taste, other processes, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Homemade thick yoghurt practice steps

1 Prepare the raw materials, milk is made with all fat, and the skim milk is dilute, not suitable for this square. Cream is the left of the front TWO sky, just use it. You can buy small packaging whipped creams to avoid waste.

2 Use boiled water to control moisture.

3 Add 100 ml of normal temperature milk.

4 Add yogurt powder, add a whipped cream, stir well together.

5 Pour in the remaining milk, if you want to be very thick, adjust the proportion of milk and cream, less milk (not heat).

6 Add yogurt container, boil water, and have no height of yogurt.

7 After the cover is good, I will get it in 3 minutes. After 12 hours, you can drink it, usually I will put about 15 hours, the more you will be more sour.

8 This is a good condition, and it will be more viscous after the refrigerator is refrigerated.

9 can assemble this small glass bottle of 7, 8 bottles, refrigerated, and adjust the taste every time you drink, of course, you can also make the original.

10 After stirring, it slowly flows down. This is "yogurt." Those gels, pectins or agar, which can be called jelly or "milk" in me.


1. If there is no cream, you can replace it on the market. 2, the fermentation time is not too long, otherwise it will be too strong, you like heavy taste. 3, like full of mom's sharing, do a good job in work, is the greatest support for me.