"It's always lazy to do it. Until the arrival of the ancient black tea, I finally inspired the heart of black tea yogurt. Maybe because the tea bag is more convenient, maybe because it is more convenient to filter tea. A HALF, even the tea bag, cook together, then put it in the refrigerator for one night, let the tea flavor are analyzed. In fact, all milk can be cooked together with the tea bag, and finally add the bacteria. But so there will be one The large container occupies more positions in the refrigerator. So, divide the milk into the Two group, a group responsible for sucking tea, a group is responsible for solubilizing the powder, each of the duties, the final result is also the same. Old rules, rice cooker Version, in the early autumn, it seems to remain a good solidification effect. In fact, it is to turn the milk tea into yogurt ... "


Main material red tea bag 2 pack, pure milk 1000 ml, yogurt powder 1 pack, honey is appropriate, excipient walnuts, a sweet taste, other processes, hours time, simple difficulty,

Practice for red tea yoghurt

1 Number: 2 packs of red tea bag, 1000 ml of pure milk, 1 pack of yogurt powder, honey is appropriate, and a little peach.

2 Pour the black tea bag and a Half milk into the pot.

3 Cook to a slightly boiling, let the milk keep the slightly boiling state of 2-3 minutes.

4 flamelift, add it to the refrigerator, refrigerate overnight.

5 times, then boiled again, take out the tea bag, stand to cool.

6 Solve the yogurt powder with the remaining milk.

7 pour it in black tea,

8 Stir well.

9 Load the container and cover the cover.

10 Pour a small amount of boiling water in the rice cooker.

11 Add a flat plate with a drawer.

12 Place the container of the milk liquid on the flat plate,

13 Cover the cover and stand on a night.

14 times, open rice cooker,

15 Reveaves, the milk is solidified.

16 Honey, honey, Saixu walnut, can be edited.


Tea cost can be increased and decreased according to the teas you want. The rice cooker can be replaced with other production of yogurt. If you like sweet yogurt, you can add sugar to the milk at the beginning.