Significant food 750 grams, 1 gram of yogurt, 1 gram, excipient kiwi, 15 grams of honey, sweet taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Homemade honey yogurt practice steps

1 fresh milk.

2 cook the pot.

3 Pour the contents of the yogurt machine.

4 put it in warm, remove the cream.

5 Fermese, pour it into the milk and mix well.

6 cover, let go of the milk machine.

7 Cover the large cover of the appearance.

8 Power-electric fermentation 6 to 8 hours.

9 Fayed old yogurt, do not like to eat sweet, you can eat directly.

10 Remove the cream and refrigerate the refrigerator.If you don't lose weight, you can keep your cream.

11 honey.

12 Pour into the bowl.

13 honey can be more, based on your own taste.

14 let go of yogurt.

15 Stir well.

16 kiwi takes one.

17 peeled.

The 18 sticker wall is put.

19 pour your yogurt.

20 on the side of the Two film kiwi.

21 Side of the finished product.

22 finished products.

23 finished products.