"There is almost every family, this is milk. This is milk. Each 100 grams of milk contains 87 grams of water, 3.3 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus 93 mg, etc. There is very rich in minerals, except for the calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and molybdenum we are well known. The most rare is the best source of human calcium, and calcium phosphorus ratio Very appropriate, good to calcium absorption. Milk is so good and easy to get, is it all people who can drink? The answer is: not. The carbohydrate in milk is lactose, its nutrient function is to provide thermal energy and promote metal ions. A absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, etc. The degree of absorption of calcium in the human body is proportional to the amount of lactose. The more milk is drinking, the more the body is absorbed by calcium. In addition, lactose can promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the human intestine. Inhibition of abnormal fermentation caused by intestines, guarantee intestinal health. Some people have allergies in fresh milk, and they have diarrhea, abdominal, and indigestion. Drink yogurt can overcome lactose adaptation Because of lactose activity in yogurt, promote the decomposition of lactose to prevent lactose impermaturation. Therefore, people in lactose enzyme can be relieved. Every natural cheap calcium supplement, spend 10 yuan, one 4 o'clock, eat TWO, sour is cool and stunned, the waist is straight to the legs, you will come to the home version of yogurt, breakfast or a small snack supplement energy is good. "


Main material pure milk 1000 ml, 1 gram of coil, original flavor, stereotype, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps for yogurt

1 pure milk and sour cream is ready; the milk can choose full fat or skim milk according to their own situation, there are many varieties of yogurt, you can search, there are many kinds of five bacteria, seven bacteria, bifidobacteria; because of the original taste So I don't put sugar;

2 I use the bread machine to make yogurt, first clean the bread bucket and stir the chopsticks with the mixture, mainly to remove oil; then use boiling water, don't use the kitchen tissue or cloth. Painted sauce will reinstall the purple container, which is not conducive to the formation of yogurt; first pour a Half milk into the barrel, and then pour the cute bacterium;

3 Pour all the remaining milk into the bucket; TWO times, the milk is due to yogurt bacteria, it will not be easy to dissipate, and then pour the milk, the impact will dissolve the cake; but still It is necessary to stir well with chopsticks that boil water; there is no relationship with the surface of the bubble, and you can make the milk surface smoothly with chopsticks.

4 Put the bread bucket into the bread machine, then cover the inside; if there is no inner cover without the inner cover, there is a small hole above the inner cover, which can release the steam produced during the yogurt, so there will be water Pearl drops on the surface of yogurt;

5 Close the cover, I use the Dongling JD08 bread machine, there is a special yogurt program, choose good according to the instructions, the default is 6 hours; this can be done at night, you can do it early; do it in the morning, get up early in the morning Yogurt; do it early, you can drink the original yogurt after get off work.

6 Look, this is a good yogurt, delicate, white, strong; at this time, yogurt has been cooled, you can eat directly; if it is warm, it is recommended to enter the refrigerator and then edible, complete the yogurt flavor to continue the fermentation Good; you can refrigerate the barrels of the wrap, and you can dispenct the net bottle of boiling water.

7 The mixture is mixed with a net with a net bottle before eating, honey, fruit sauce, dried fruit, put fruit or make sourmeli delicious nothing. More creative yogurt eats, you will play freely!

8 dragon fruit yogurt cup.

9 mango yogurt.

10 breakfast to a cup of fruit sauce yogurt, appetizing calcium, and the vitality is full of all day.


1. Let's calculate the price of the self-made yogurt: use the most ordinary 3 days to guarantee fresh milk calculations, a bag of 200 ml, the price is about 1.3 yuan, 1 gram of yogurt, 1 gram of yogurt, 10 bags, more than the price Left and right at 7 yuan; 1 gram of sour cream can be matched with 1L fresh milk; this is calculated, the total price of 5 bags of fresh milk +1 gram soy bacteria is only 7.3 yuan. Do a 4-sour milk, a 4-mouth, you can eat TWO days, even if you are honey, if sauce, the cost is exceeded 10 yuan; Harmful bacteria, prevent constipation, therefore can prevent cell aging, brightening, bodybuilding effect; yogurt in yogurt is significantly higher than fresh milk, solid tooth effect; amino acid can make hair bright, smooth. So spend 10 yuan to do natural cheap calcium, 4 people eat TWO days, the waist straight tooth good legs, the stomach is not exaggerated.