"What drinks can you do? It is also a lot of fruits and drink enthusiasts, very curious questions, I will share a rocking specialty drinking practice today ~"


Main material drinking spot concentrated lactic acid bacteria 50ml, drink explosion point ice sugar 25ml, odd flesh 60g, excipient ice water 220ml, ice cubes 150g, sour taste, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps of shake rookic lactic acid

1 Add Ice Cubes

2 concentrated lactic acid bacteria

3 singular flesh

4 pour the ice sugar

5 pour it into ice water

More than 6 times

7 pour it to the cup

8 shake, the mouth is better?

9 shake colored fruit lactic acid

10 Formulation ratios of shake rocking fruit lactic acid.


Kiwi has a high degree of collision, can avoid dissatisfaction.