"Yogurt, it is a raw material with fresh milk. After paste the bactericidal, add a good bacteria (fermented agent) to milk, a milk product after fermentation. The practice of this yogurt is a lazy method. No need to use yogurt cups, just need a rice cooker, just need to completely disinfect all the contacts, doing a successful yogurt, not a big problem, today use this beautiful BB rice cooker is coming Yogurt function and disinfection function, very convenient and simple design is also very humanized, this rice is particularly good to use high boric silicon glass liner, is the bottle glass liner, no coating, no impurities Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium achieve a healthy and sterile effect, all of which are necessary to be sterile when making yogurt, so it is best to use glass's appliance, some people worry that there is a coating to eat Unhealthy this is very good. "


Mainly qi milk 600 grams, 1 gram of children with children, 30 grams of excipients, sweet taste, simmering process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Practice for rice cooker children's yoghurt

1 Prepare all the materials, I use children's bacteria powder, if you don't use ordinary bacteria powder

2 Add a proper amount of water after shading in the beautiful BB rice cooker glass, this rice is particularly good in use high boric silicon glass liner, is the bottle-level glass liner, no coating, no impurities without lead , Cadmium and other heavy metals to achieve healthy and sterile effects, all exposed tools are necessary to be sterile when making yogurt, so it is best to use glass's appliances, some people worry that there is a coating to eat unhealthy This is very good.

3 After adding water, adjust the hunt to the disinfection process, only need to disinfect it for 20 minutes, this function is very convenient, do not need to take a large pot to boil and disinfect it, this design is very human.

4 The tools that need to be used later need thorough disinfection, including spoons and small bowls

5 After the disinfection is good, it is hot, pour the fine sugar into the pot, and then pour a small amount of full fat milk, stir first stir into the complete melting of fine sugar.

6 Pour the remaining milk into the mixing together, then put it slightly below 45 degrees, here you need to pay attention, adding the bacteria powder, the milk temperature can be normal temperature, or 45 degrees However, remember that it can't be more than 45 degrees, which will cause the bacterial powder to death, causing yogurt failure, no way to ferment into yogurt.

7 Take a disinfected yogurt, add a small amount of milk, add a small bacteria powder, it is all the amount of a small bacterium powder 1 gram, add 500-1000 grams of milk, if it is a child to eat The yogurt is recommended to use children with a child powder, there is no ordinary yogurt powder in the mouth, and the finished product is required for nutrients, if it is indeed a normal yogurt powder.

8 After the primary changes, revert to the original milk

9 The same stir is evenly put into the beautiful BB rice cooker

10 Cover the cover, adjust the function to yogurt on the panel of the cover, the default is 8 hours, so you can directly do it, wait until 8 hours, just eat it, it is very convenient and simple.

After waiting for it, it is like Beancurd Jelly, if you use a spoon to stir more, thank you very much. The taste is very delicate

12 When you eat, add some cereal dried fruits, very delicious, the children are very love. What should be paying attention to yogurt is a child who is suitable for a week or older can be done. Don't eat the baby under the age of one year, the baby's stomach has not developed mature and adapts yogurt.


Doing a good yoghurt because there is no additive, so it is necessary to be refrigerated, the best for three days, can't let go. Every time you give your baby, don't just 120-150ml. Don't drink yogurt in your empty stomach, it is best to drink or drink after a meal. More than those of stomach acid, it is not appropriate to eat more yogurt, patients after gastrointestinal surgery, diarrhea or other intestinal diseases are not suitable for drinking yogurt.