"Why is it recently a new strawberry yogurt, mango yogurt, music tea launched peach strawberry mango yogurt Coco also got a peach yogurt. Because summer is coming ~ I mentioned yogurt, I think it is refreshing, not greasy, health.So I share with you today, I can make my own tea with homemade mango yogurt. "


Main material mango fungus 100g, mango granules 20g, yogurt 150g, accessories drink explosion point ice sugar 50g, ice cubes 150g, other tastes, other processes, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Mango yogurt practice steps

1 Pour yogurt in the pickup cup

2 yogurt

3 put into mango grains in the cup

4 mango flesh pour into the ice sugar pot

5 Add direct drinking water

6 put into ice cubes

7 ice sugar

8 shake evenly

9 pour it to the cup

10 mango yoghurt formula.


Mango's variety, as always, it is recommended to use Xiaoyan Mang.