Ingredients 1000ml, accessories milk 500ml, ingredient fish film is about 150 grams, sugar amount, taste taste, other processes, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Jelly practice steps

1 all raw materials.

2 milk is hot, add people fish, until it is uniform.

3 juice is boiled, add fish glue, until it is uniform.

4 Add sugar seasoning, then find the container, pour the juice milk into the frozen solidification (if you want to have a level, you can get a layer of milk, but you will be in a layer to push the second floor, and push it in this class)The production can be used as a frozen shell or a transparent plastic cup ♥ pour into the molding, a layer of sink.

5 is launched and then add another layer.

6 Adding the last layer after solidification.

7 is done.

8 small molds change this little jelly.Lovely.♥


1. If the juice uses a quick-soluble juice, it is the last total amount of 1000ml!2, milk can not be burned too much, otherwise there will be a floating bubble!3, the quick-soluble juice must be opened, then add the fish glue, otherwise there will be precipitated!4, fish glue should remember to open with cold water, you have to separate it.