Isolated Pineapple Sauce moderate amount, cocoa powder, excipient frozen powder, one bag, mold mode, ingredients TWO table, fruity taste, other processes, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Pineapple and cocoa jelly practices

1 Ingredients: Sugar Two big spoon, jelly powder, cocoa powder.

2TWO spoon sugar, jelly powder, add water.

3 Put the water with a large pot, and the middle placed in the middle of the water melting jelly powder.Jelly powder can't be cooked.Next is a bowl of pineapple flavor and cocoa taste.

4 Cocoa tasteless filling.

5 Don't cook for a long time, stirring evenly after being installed.Then poured into the mold.


The amount of jelly powder is very important.If you have less, you will be able to deduct it, it is very thin, but this is okay.Does not affect the taste, and how few can be solidified.The key is that you can't let go.Because it will be strange, sticky, Sherphans.