"The milk is white, you are tired! Is this red to be amazing?"


Ingredients milk 240ml, light cream 100g, corn starch 40g, red heart dragon fruit 40g, white sugar 40g, accessories Coconut, sweet taste, boiled process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of red milk

1 Prepare materials

2 Dragon fruit is made into mud, add corn starch to mix well

3 milk is poured into the pot, add light cream, white sugar, and stir

After boiling the milk in the pot, add the dragon fruit mixture, and quickly stir the fire.The liquid in the pan will become more and more visible, similar to the paste, turn off

5 boxes of a layer of coconut, poured into the dragon fruit milk, after cool, cover the cover and put the refrigerator

6 After refrigerating, put it out, sprinkle with Coconut

7 cut