"The hot summer, the jelly of ice Q bombs, not only the appearance is crystal clear, the color is bright, the taste is soft, but also brings us a slenderness. However, the jelly additives sold outside are a lot, or they are at home Fresh fruits are dripping, do not add additives, pure natural nutrition and healthy. And look at the process of jelly slowly, it is also a kind of enjoyment. The jelly, the fruit is rich, the taste is rumored, and the trembling is a big mouth, Q The taste of the bomb is instantly beating in the teeth. "


Significant blueberry 60 grams, white sugar 40 grams, girds 10 grams, 180 grams of water, 8 grams of 水 汁, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Natural jelly practice steps

11, put the Geely Ding film in advance, soft water, put the blueberries in the small pot, pour in fine sugar.

22, squeezing into the lemon juice, pour it into the water, heat, and the sugar is red.

33. Filter the heated mixed juice, filter it out of blueberries, put into the soft gelatine tablets, stir well.

44, mixed juice into the jelly bottle, only pour 1/3 in the first time, then put it into the blueberry, put it into the refrigerator, and then pour it into the remaining mixed juice, put the remaining blueberries.


1. The time of blueberry is not too long, seeing the liquid is red, otherwise the blueberry is easy to rupture. 2, mix juice inverted fruit frozen bottle or mold, don't pour it together, you can add it, then add once, then add it, so that the fruit is evenly distributed. 3, if the time can be placed in the refrigerator to freeze the Half hour. 4. If you use a mold, try not to use too much floral molds, it is not easy to demold.