"Summer summer must eat - turtle cream hot summer, come to a turtle paste, the feeling" cool "" q play "" ice cool "teasing this your taste bud, calm your hot heart, Let's try it! The rich Chinese herbal medicine licorice tastes, simple, and delicious! "


Main material turtle paste powder, auxiliary material, other taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Turtle cream practice steps

1 Divided and proportional bags are explained. The mixture was stirred with a little cold water to be fucked, and the melts were evenly mixed and added to the following concentrations. Don't give too much water at a time. It is easy to cake.

2 The water is boiled, and the turtle paste is slowly mixed and completely dissolved.

3 It is completely cool to be completely cool, covering the plastic film into the refrigerator.

4 After solid, the lattice was drawn with a knife.

5 Pour the sugar, honey or rushing milk when you eat.


1. Filter TWO is filtered through the mesh. 2. The proportion can refer to the instructions on the bag of turtle cream. 3. Turtle cream can be added according to your own taste.