"The peony has a sugar, so some people say that eating sweet potatoes will gain fat. In fact, if you use some sweet potatoes, yam, potatoes, etc., not only don't get fat, but also help gastrointestinal motility, let the body's operation More easily! This is the same, saying that Western Cuisine is eating Western Cuisine or eating West Point is easy to get fat. The West Point is definitely high-calorie food, so don't eat dinner, don't eat too much, you have to eat, take tea or coffee To eat, under such a diet, not only will not get fat, maybe you can make you more energy! Today, you have to share the Pesto Pudding. Recently, a lot of recipes, the finished product is also OK, but Because it is limited, it is difficult to send a recipe every day, I can only try to take time. "


Sub-egg 2, Petar 120g, fresh milk 200ml, sugar 50g, excipient vanilla 3ml, sweet taste, steam process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Petar Pudding practice steps

1 raw material preparation

2 egg liquid dispersion

3 sweet potato peeled small Ding

4 plus water for 10 minutes

5 removal of spare

6 other pots, add milk and sugar

7 small fire is heated, after melting of sugar, turn off the fire

8 Petar Ding after adding a pudding bottle (I used the sweet potato slightly, about 140g, using 120g is most suitable)

9 After cooling the milk, add egg liquid

10 mix evenly

11 Filtered the egg

12 Filtered liquid poured into the pudding bottle, 9 points is suitable, because I have a little bigger, so I'm going to be full.

13 pudding liquid under cool water, after water, steaming 8 minutes

It's like this to open the pot in 148 minutes, it has expanded, it is not overflow.

15 Take it out, put it into the refrigerator for 2 hours, take out the temperature before edible, of course, if you want to eat when you eat, you can take it directly, but I usually take it like this.


1 Method for steaming the cooked sweet potato, but only after the cutting, this method can be greatly saved 2 vanilla leakage, and like classmates can mix 3ml vanilla after mixing in milk and egg liquid. Probably more flavored 3 sweet potato really as long as 120g is enough, I am afraid of waste, I have not discarded at all, but more I am afraid it is really overflow. Haha 4 steps are taken at night, and dim light is easy to distort, in fact, in the morning, it is very attractive golden color.