"Jelly is the best thing in dessert, many people's favorite, but mostly add some colloidal production, I feel that it is not so healthy; then directly use fruit, can you make a jelly? Try a pureness today. The jelly production, the colorful red, the appetite, the color should be good, choose red plums to be used as raw materials; the production of jelly effects presents HALF solidification, but also has flowability, it looks a thick and transparent, natural Healthy jelly is made, happy. "


Ingredients plum 1000g, lemon juice 50g, rock sugar 800g, accessories cold water 200ml, sweet taste, boiled process, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for plum jelly production

1 Wash the Sauce bottle, put into the pot, add water to the bottle, boil for 10 minutes, put the bottle cover into the pot after turning the fire, continue to disinfect 10 minutes;

2 Remove the drained water, insert the fruit sauce bottle;

3 Wash the lemon, juicer after cut, take 50g, spare;

4 Wash the plum to the core, cut into small Ding, put it into the glass basin, add sugar and lemon juice, pack plastic wrap, place the refrigerator for one night, so that the glucofin;

5 Remove the pickled Li Zin, and pour into the pot, add cold water, move the pot to the stove, boil after boiling, continue to cook in medium and small fire;

6 The floats and bubbles of the surface are removed, and when cook, stir it from time to time to avoid sticking the bottom of the pot;

7 Soak the filter to boil water, after 10 minutes, pour the water, drain and filter mesh.

Around 830 minutes, when the water in the pot gradually reduced a Half, sauce juice concentrated, the flesh became transparent, and then continued to cook until the pureness begins with a thick appearance, sauce juice is almost dry, reaches the fruit sauce The end point temperature of sugar is 103 ° C; after filtration, separate the flesh and juice, the juice part of the projected juice is jelly;

9 Put the jelly into the bottle, cover the bottle cover, press the buckle, then buck 30 minutes, wash the bottle, placed in the room temperature for 3 to 7 days, then put it into the refrigerator;

10 Jelly is applied to the toast bread, sweet taste, lubrication.


1. If the plum is not the core, it can be cut, as long as the plum is cut; 2. The remaining flesh after sieve is a candied fruit, can be made into fruit cakes or stuffing; 3. Jelly is suitable for adding toast bread, cheese cake, Or a mousse cake with light taste; Very delicious summer ice products;