"Simple and easy to do, delicious and beautiful desserts - papaya milk frozen, very suitable for summer ~"


Made of papaya, milk 150g, light cream 100g, sugar powder 20g, Geely Ding powder 12g, cool white open amount, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Papaya brewing practice steps

1 Prepare all raw materials;

2 papaya wash the surface, cut off the head, dig papaya seeds, spare by a small spoon;

3 Weigh 100G whipped cream and 150g of milk, add 20g of sugar powder, stir well, I put it in the water into papay, I called the weight of water, around 235g, so I equipped 250g milk;

4 Soak Geely Ding Powder in a proper amount of cool soil, after swelling, heat dissolved, add milk;

5 Sheng Milk's bowl is placed in the pot, the water is cooked to 80 ° C in water;

6 taken out, let it dry;

7 Pour the milk inside the papaya;

8 cover the cover, fix it in the refrigerator with the toothpick;

9 Refrigerated 3 hours or more to milk solidified, you can take it out of the slice ~


1, papaya is more familiar, the appearance is orange yellow, gently pressing the kind, the ripe papaya juice is sweet, very delicious, no ripe papaya buy back can stand for a few days; 2, Light cream can not be placed, can also be replaced into coconut milk, and the amount of sugar is added according to some human taste;