"The time of the official eating pomegranate today, tell you how to strip pomegranate today, and how to make pomegranate jelly, used to add a good material that makes Moon Cake stuffing."


Main material pomegranate 1000g, rock sugar 300g, accessories Apple 400g, lemon juice 30g, sweet taste, boiled process, hour time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Pomegranate jelly practice steps

1 Pick high quality pomegranate, wash the skin;

2 Cut the head and root of the pomegranate with a knife and cut the knife in the knife;

3 is uniform and uniform;

4 peels with pomegranate seeds one by one;

5 will be pomegranate seeds into the filtered bag in which hot water is poisoned;

6 is extruded, extruding the pomegranate juice, and the pomegranate seed is separated;

7 Lemon washed and squeezed with lemon juice, take 30g lemon juice, spare;

8 Wash the apple, remove the skin, cut into a styling;

9 Put the apple, put it in a glass basin, add rock sugar and lemon juice, sealing the plastic wrap, put it into the refrigerator for 10 ~ 12 hours, and take it for every 3 to 4 hours to stir;

10 Wash the fruit sauce bottle, put into the pot, add water to the bottle, boil for 10 minutes, put the bottle cover into the pot, continue to disinfection 10 minutes; remove the drained water, put the fruit sauce bottle, standby ;

11 Remove from the refrigerator, pour into the copper pot to cook in small and medium heat;

12 is boiled after boiling;

13 Use hot water to disinfect the filter bag for 10 minutes;

Around 1430 minutes, as the water in the pot gradually reduced a Half, sauce juice concentrated, the flesh became transparent and soft, and then continued to cook until the pureness begins with a thick appearance. Sauce juice is almost dry, achieving sauce The end point temperature of sugar is 103 ° C; after filtration, the flesh and juice are separated, and the juice of the projected juice is jelly;

15 Put the jelly into the bottle, cover the bottle cover, press it hot, then buck 30 minutes, wash the bottle, place it in the room temperature for 3 to 7 days, then put it into the refrigerator;


You can also use apple pectin directly, so you can save the filtered link.