"Homemade Cherry Soybean Milk is frozen, very special and beautiful taste"


INDUS SOYBEAN MILK150 gram, cherry fruit sauce juice 150g, Geely Dirty tablets, 10 grams of excipients, 20 grams of pure water, 60 grams of sauce juice, 500 grams of cherry, 100 grams of fine sugar, sweet taste, Other crafts, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Cherry Soybean Milk Jellyful Practice Steps

1 Cherry washed with water for 15 minutes, with a yogurt strap from the middle, you can take a cherry nucleus

2 Put into the bread machine barrel, add maltose and fine sugar, start the sauce key

3 After a program, take 150 grams of fruit sauce juice to dry cool

4 Advance Bubble Soft Peni, divided into two bowls, each piece of Geely Ding, after the soft, put 10 grams of pure water separation hydration Geely

5 Pour in a small bowl into the cherry sauce juice, stir well

6 A 370ml Sihnow Cup is placed in a bowl, pouring the cherry juice, refrigerating into the refrigerator to condense, about 1-2 hours

7 放凉 s ban milk mixed into the milkmaking milk, 1 片 利 片 片 软 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加 加

8 Remove the condensed cherry juice, slowly pour the Soybean Milk liquid

9 put in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, you can eat it, it is very beautiful under the decoration.

10 finished product

11 finished products