"Since I saw a lotus, my little person always scream:" Blueberry little hunter wants to leave, take the delicious blueberry home, we are not afraid, now I will go with me ... "Also this episode The story, the child knows the blueberry. In the summer, I came to the cold blueberry jelly, Xiao Yi ~ "


Significant blueberry 90g, accessories, rock sugar powder 50g, lemon juice 20g, water 300g, Geely Tie 10g, sour taste, other processes, hours time, simple difficulty,

Blueberry jelly practice steps

1 Prepare the raw materials first.

2 Geely Dirty cards soft water.

3 Wash the blueberries, take 60g blueberries and clean water, and add sugar together into the pot.

4 Squeeze into the lemon, 20g. Press personal preferences to increase or decrease.

5 Cook the mixture until it becomes a purple.

6 Add a soft Geely plunger, stir well.

7 Filter the solid and place it to cool.

8 Prepare the container, pour the blueberry water into 1/2 of the container, put a few blueberries, then refrigerated to solidification.

9 After taking it, pour the blueberry water to the container, then put a few blueberries, refrigerated to solidification.


Add lemon juice to make the blueberry jelly color and more beautiful, sweet taste is also very delicious. You can not add it.