"Summer, Mango season! Friends have recently sent a mango, recently fascinated the kitchen, always want to change the trick!"


Main material mango, 250ml of milk, 10 grams of accessories, 30 grams of rock sugar, sweet taste, other processes, one hour, simple difficulty,

Mango tanning practice steps

1 Preparation of materials in the figure!

2 rock sugar is placed in a small amount of water, heating the opening!

3 fish gum powder plus less water, add it into the microwave oven, stir well, stir well!(Or can be separated by water)

4 After the saccharification, add milk, fish gum powder, stir well together!

5 mango cutting, put into the container!

6 milk is poured into a container with mango.After cooling, put the refrigerator for 4 hours!

After 7 forming, take out the mold and cut into the look!If you want, you can do not cut directly.

8 Unfortunately, there is no dark container in your family, and you can't take a photo!