"Dairy, the taste is tender, similar to Mousse is different from Mes, especially refreshing taste, tender slippery. Don't use the dessert of the oven, simple, in the hot weather, hurry up!"


Ingredients milk 250g, light cream 160g, dry rose petals, greene 4g, sugar 30g ~ 35g, excipients, sweet taste, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulties,

Rose Xiimi Daizhi practice steps

1 The rose petals poured into milk soaked. (It is best to soak overnight, the taste is more concentrated), and the sealed refrigeration is stored.

2 The fire boiled water, poured into Simana, cook it to see the little white heart, shut down the fire to full transparency, and penetrated.

3 Put the milk in the rose petals, pick up with sugar.

4 Add a whipped cream, stir evenly, put in the soft water in advance, stir well.

5 and filter it.

6 Pour into the cup of the Westku, cover the cover, and send it to the refrigerator for more than four hours.

7 take it out, pinch the petals to sprinkle it, cut some fruit! A beautiful dessert is done!

8 beautiful pictures


Geely Ding first with ice bubbles. You can also do not add Xima, don't have a rose, you can use milk to do well!