"Today, the mood is extremely good, very good, last time I go home, I took the Two box white lime powder in the cousin supermarket, I originally wanted to make a sweet powder tonight, but suddenly the light flashed, then there was so much things. , Haha, like friends, you can also flash, see what you can flash. "


Significant white cool powder one box, the amount of fruit, the amount of white sugar, the original taste, other processes, one hour, simple difficulty,

Fun jelly practices

1 Preparation of materials in the picture (fruit can be prepared according to your own love)

2 Pour the white lime powder into the container, add sugar

3 Pour in hot water, stir evenly dissolve

4 and then pour it into the boiling water, boil stirred and dissolve, (The amount of water, the ratio of the box on the white lime powder)

5 Each type of fruit, cut into the shape and way of your favorite, put it in your favorite container

6 Pour the cooked cold powder into the food, cool, let it cool. (Excess, I made a box of white gums)

7 After drying, it is demolded.

8 green tea jelly

9 dragon fruit jelly

10 hundred fragrant fruit frozen

11 mangosteen jelly

12 pearl plum jelly

13 dragon fruit

14 hundred appetite


1. The fruit taste can be added according to your preferences