"All said that the adults are facing down. Now I have a little grandson, saying that I have a good kiss, really like this, I am now in the grandson's heart, far beyond the heart of the son, haha, the heart is full of power. Now is food Safety is also a problem, so 俺 俺 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 喝 是 是 喝 是 是 是 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 是 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给The little grandson saw other children to buy jelly. He somewhat, standing on the side, looking straight, people quickly gave him one, in fact, my heart is very reluctant to eat the jelly, but Grandson wants to eat, you must find him to satisfy him. If you buy a sweet orange, this orange is expensive, but it is really sweet, how much juice, use a spoon to dig a juice. Take orange juice. Squeeze out, add a gelatine, then add a little flesh, soon, the baby will eat the grandmother card pure juice jelly, a drop of water is not added, the ice powder is only added a little. Eat fruit flavor Very strong, the baby drunk, I will finish it. I will have a few a few disposable containers to get a few parks, let the little grandson share the children who often play together, parents know that I know I did it, I have a praise, I said that my grandson has a blessing, my heart is also beautiful. "


Mainly dessert orange, 2 pieces of Geely Ding, 10g of the accessories, the flavor, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pathful orange jelly jelly

1 Geely Ding film is soft in advance with ice. Be sure to use ice water, the Geely Ding film will melt the water temperature. Geely Ding film is 5 grams of weight, the Two film is enough, some Geely Ding is 2 grams of more, to double the use, otherwise it cannot be solidified

2 Ai Yuan Sweet Orange, you can easily squeeze out the juice with your hands, the total extrusion juice is 300 grams

3 pour the juice into the milk pot, add a soft gelatine

4 Add a rock sugar powder to boil, boil, boil, make the Geely Ding film completely melt, then let cool

5 put a little orange flesh in the mold,

6 If there is no mold, you can use the orange skin to make a container, in fact, you can take a container in your home.

7 Pour the cool juice into the container, the refrigerator is refrigerated for about 2 hours. It is also possible to cool, room temperature is also available in 2 hours. You can eat after solidification. When I took pictures, I fell out to TWO, causing this step in the chart. There is less TWO block jelly. When the cover is released, the cover is shaken up and down, you can easily release it, directly demold, it is not very easy to take off.

8 This is a good jelly, pure juice does not add a little water, so it is very rich.

9 Drew a piece of view, because it is pure juice, so it is not translucent, but it is also very attractive.

10 This is made in the orange peel small bowl, and the baby is directly digging light.


1. The orange size is different, remember the amount of orange juice given in the step. 2. I gave a baby to eat, so I used a rock powder and put it less, like a sweet taste, more sugar, or replace it with white sugar.