"The cosmetics industry has papaya washing milk, mask, moisturizer ... It can be seen that papaya has the effect of whitening, and it is said that milk papaya can also breast. No matter how it works, it is sure. The key is to make simple, delicious Good-looking. Not destroy natural papaya itself nutrition, and added the taste of tea milk, quite a good afternoon dessert. "


Main material papaya, pure milk 1 bag, broth powder, sugar, 10 grams of gillyine powder, original taste, fresh process, time consumption, simple difficulty,

Pattern of tea milk papaya frozen

1 natural papaya is divided into two

2 digging into the seed

3 Wipe the tea powder, pure milk, Geely Ding powder is the main ingredient, and there are white sugar.

4 Most pure milk add appropriate amount of tea powder, and the amount of tea powder can be more than you have a little bit of taste. (Milk leaves a little alternate)

5 Add white sugar, the amount of white sugar is also added according to your taste of you.

6 Then stir evenly, especially the tea powder must be stirred, otherwise it will affect the beautiful.

710k Gelish powder, add a small amount of milk, water. Stirring should be kept during the melting process.

After complete dissolution, the sieve poured into the tea cold milk, stir evenly.

9 injection of seed papaya

10 Put the refrigerator refrigerator condensate (about HALF days)

11 Cut the block when you eat.

12 delicious and look

13 simple production, excellent effect

14 whitening, but also breast, haha, please try it.