"I started to have a strawberry sold excitement. I hope that I have been a long time. The days who left strawberry are really anxious. Many foods for fruit control are also controlled. Many food can't do. With strawberries, I have made this jelly. This jelly production is very easy to operate "


Main material water 400 grams, 4 grams of agar powder, 100 grams of sugar, 4 pieces of strawberry, 1 kiwi, 1 orange, boiled, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Color jelly practices

1 Prepare fruit, clean it, you can cut into need, you can decide to cross the beautiful texture of the fruit, cut back

2400 grams of cold water added agar powder stirred evenly

3 After boiling, add a white sugar to make a Two minute, and stir well with a stirrer.

4 After turning the fire, continue, stir, stir into slightly cooling, and poured into the container about 5 mm high.

5 Quickly put a variety of fruits, fruit can be put into the pattern you like, then pour the remaining jelly water until you cover the fruit

6 Cool to liquid solidification, remove the finished product from the mold, you can enjoy the fun of homemade food

7 If it is done in summer, remember to refrigerate in the refrigerator, pay attention to the refrigeration is not frozen.

8 jelly can be thin and slightly thicker

9 is so beautiful, I can't bear to eat.

10 finished chart

11 finished chart

12 finished chart


1, fruit because the weight is too large, it is not recommended to cut into large blocks 2, the agar powder is the cold and niche powder, there are many jelly methods, and you can use the Geely Ding. I have to accept what ingredients you accept 3. Pay attention to the remaining jelly water must cover the fruit. Otherwise, when you cut you, you know 4, if you do it in the summer, remember to refrigerate in the refrigerator, pay attention to the refrigeration