Main material orange mode, pineapple, saints, potion, excipient white sugar, sour sweet taste, boiled process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Homemade fruit jelly practices

1 Prepare all ingredients

2 Use the ACA multi-function machine to make pineapple (plus appropriate amount of cool white)

3 pineapple juice filter ready

4 oranges and holy girls juice with juice

5 saint juice plus appropriate amount of white sugar is boiled after adding appropriate amount of ice powder to stir for three minutes

6 mix evenly saints, pour the abrasive tool (I am an Outer Cake Abrasive)

7 sew the orange, pineapple with white sugar, boiled, pink powder, stir even after uniform

8 This has become jelly, the difference between oranges and pineapple color is not obvious, but the taste is very different.

9 Adding children must be indispensable snacks

10 finished product

11 finished products

12 finished product