"The jelly I have to do today is specially prepared for girls. Because this uses a specially beneficial Red Wine for beauty and heart maintenance. Some scientific research shows that 1-HALF hours before going to bed, drink 50ml Red Wine, where sleep assist hormone melatonin can be used to adjust sleep cycles, treat insomnia; red wine in red wine does not lose activities, so red wine is a good product to prevent cancer; Different red wine contains Super antioxidants, SOD can neutralize the free radicals generated by the body, protect the cells and organs from oxidation, so that the skin restores whitening light. So drink some red wine, or like me, do the red wine jelly , Delicious, have fun. If you do it, you can take the Red Wine, you can change the water into pure juice, such as orange juice, watermelon juice, red dragon juice, or strawberry sauce, etc. Put a few pieces of water, orange petals, beautiful and healthy jelly! Today, March 27th, specialized this recipe to commemorate my beauty 3rd anniversary. At the same time, I wish the food world is more and more red. The road of my food is getting wides wide! Friends' lives are more sweet! "


Ingredients Red Wine100 ml, cool water 400 ml, dragon fruit sauce20 grams, accessories Geely Ding film 15-25 grams, sugar 50 grams, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Red Wine Jelly Procedure

1 material is ready

2 dry red wine ready

3 Geely Ding tablets with ice bubbles, if you can put it in a refrigerator with cool water, this can go to the smell, if you don't mind this slight smell, put the refrigerator this step can be omitted

4 White sugar into the water, boil, white sugar melting

5 Put the fire dragon fruit sau in the screen, then immerse in the sugar water, gently stir it with a small spoon, so that the large flesh and seed are left on the screen, and it is not necessary.

6 Re-sit on the fire in the fire, boil, put the soft Geely Ding film in it, stir it to melt

7 After melting, the dragon juice is really beautiful; if you give a child, you can end this step! Directly into the mold, add some water chest freezing for 2 hours, come out, it is a beautiful health jelly.

8 Pour into Red Wine, mix evenly, and boil for 2 minutes.

9 Filter the floating foam with the screen, the soup is poured into the mold, let it cool, cover the cover, put the refrigerator freezing for 2 hours or zero

10 Sliced ​​blocks can be edited; there will be some damage when the demouldage, carefully cut the edges, and the square shape

11 look very beautiful

12 entrance is instant, sweet and sink

13 more


If Sauce can also use strawberry sauce, mainly in order to increase the color of the bright, you can use sugar whole cherries, strawberries; Red Wine should not boost too long, otherwise you will lose unique aroma and alcohol; Geely Ding film 25 grams of use, it has been large, which can be reduced to 15 grams.